365 Days of Discovery – Day 70

A number doesn’t dictate when something begins or ends. It is simply a concept invented by man to understand nature. So this number 70 is the last day of this project. After contemplating the different effects this project has had and continues to have, I feel it is the perfect time to end it. For this last day, here is a bit of numerology about the date and day.

For those of you who wish to continue to study this type of thing, you are more than welcome to contact me directly and I will be happy to guide you one on one.

I wish you all the best in your travels, wherever they may take you. I love you all.



365 Days of Discovery – Days 67, 68, 69

Attachments are not bad and they are not the cause of suffering. It’s the not wanting to let go of what we are attached to that causes suffering. Attachments can be physical, emotional or part of our identity. When we blame a person for leaving us or get mad at the guy that stole the car, we get stuck in the suffering of losing what we had. But really, we never owned that person that left, people are free beings. And that car could have changed ownership in some other way, so it was never only ours either.

Take the next few days and let go of something physical, got through an emotional heartbreak and forgive a past relationship, and discover a part of yourself that you are so proud of…then let that go too. No, it’s not easy. But it allows you to be more flexible and forgiving in daily life.


365 Days of Discovery – Days 64, 65, 66

Gratitude. Give of yourself. Relationships. Responsibility. Take charge. LIVE.
Face yourself. Even if you’re afraid. Even if you don’t like it. Jump in.
The only way to resolve issues is to face what you have not yet seen.
You have everything you need right now. So take your life in your own hands and LIVE IT!  :)


365 Days of Discovery – Days 54-60

Learn a new skill.

Spend time every day investing yourself in learning something new. And observe your reactions. Are you bored with it? Don’t really care about it? Do you feel like you are accomplishing something? How willing are you to change who you are?