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I’ve decided to use my 7 years of experience as a Buddhist priest, ReiKi Master, meditation instructor, and energy worker, and bring it into the massage therapy world! There are some obstacles that I’ll be facing while getting my degree. The main one being my income. I’ve got tuition covered. But the classroom hours will not allow me to hold a stable, full time job. So I need help from all of you wonderful people. Please click the photo below and donate if you can. Anything helps!


Thank you so much for your continued support!


Perception of Nature that Leads to Self-Confidence

Finally it’s here! My final exam research paper for my psychology class I took earlier this summer  🙂

Yes, I got an A on the paper and an A for the final grade of the class.


The topic of the paper is below:

“Write a paper addressing the issue of Self Confidence and the differences of how it is viewed from the male and female perspective.  You are to use the aspect of Critical Thinking while writing this paper paying particular attention to Scientific Evidence to support and conclusions you may draw. Relate this evidence to your own lives and how you view your own self confidence in relationship to others especially regarding the opposite sex.”


I entitled my paper The Influence of the Perception of Nature that Leads to Self-Confidence as Seen from a Man’s and Woman’s Perspective

The link to the paper itself is HERE


What is a Birthday?

Let’s strip out all of the ego-centrism about it being “My” day and just look at what it means.

When someone is born, there is generally a celebration of that birth. And each year, on that day it is celebrated once more. What do we celebrate? We celebrate life and being alive.

But throughout the rest of the year we say and hear things like, “As soon as we are born we start to die.” We fear death and we do everything we can to prevent death from occurring (which is wise by the way). But we are so focused on death that we forget to Live. Our fear of death soon becomes a fear to Live and we end up with regrets and moments we wish we would have done something differently.

But then once a year, we remember to live. Only once a year.


Death is a natural process of life. Even in death, there is life. When the body decays and feeds the creatures in the soil which then fertilize the plants allowing flowers and grass and trees to grow. So I say, focus on life. Because life is all there is. Don’t be afraid to live. You are so alive, even in the hours of death.


When you live in a state of being alive and celebrating life, a birthday is insignificant. You won’t need a date on a calendar to validate your being alive. You live it everyday.


June 7th, is my birthday. And my wish is that all of humanity, for a moment, remembers what it is to be alive.

Even in your sorrow you are alive, so alive to feel such a great heartbreak. So alive to be so touched by tenderness and love. So alive to sit in peace and vulnerability.


You are Alive.

Now go and LIVE!

a New Look into Self-Confidence

For those of you who are unaware, I have recently gone back to school to get a degree in Forensics. My long term goal is to eventually finish my Master’s (possibly two) and work with the FBI as a crime scene analyst. To start, I am working on my associates in biotechnology.

My first research paper had the topic of ‘self-confidence.’ We were asked to narrow down the topic and write an abstract about it. So here is my abstract….

Each person is born with certain genetic and biological traits that allow humans, as a species, to evolve and flourish. We call this nature. And each person has an individual perception of their environment which allows for the maturation into self-confidence or the lack thereof. This text goes on to show how nature itself is not what causes someone to be confident or not. But rather, it’s the individual’s perception of nature that produces or hinders a sense of self-confidence. Furthermore, this text identifies the relationship between men and women as natural, biological entities and how their perception of these relationships aids or limits the development of self-confidence.

Needless to say, my teacher absolutely loved this new perspective and cannot wait to read my paper.

Also, there have been quite a few people asking me if they could read the paper once it is done. And because of this, I have decided to post it here when I am finished.  🙂


So stay tuned! In a few weeks I’ll have it up here and available for you all!




365 Days of Discovery – Day 70

A number doesn’t dictate when something begins or ends. It is simply a concept invented by man to understand nature. So this number 70 is the last day of this project. After contemplating the different effects this project has had and continues to have, I feel it is the perfect time to end it. For this last day, here is a bit of numerology about the date and day.

For those of you who wish to continue to study this type of thing, you are more than welcome to contact me directly and I will be happy to guide you one on one.

I wish you all the best in your travels, wherever they may take you. I love you all.